Is it legal to buy and sell ivory in the United States?



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    In the United States, African and Asian elephants are protected by the Endangered Species Act and the Asian and African Elephant Conservation Acts. But each year the U.S. government allows the legal import of thousands of elephant ivory objects, mostly in the form of carvings, but also as jewelry, unworked pieces, piano keys, hunting trophies, and individual tusks. You may import elephant ivory classified as “antique” (more than 100 years in age) if you can produce documentation proving the ivory’s age. You may import ivory from an African elephant in the form of a hunting trophy, but (as of 1990) you are not allowed then to sell the ivory.

    Examine the complex loopholes at:

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    This is a very ambiguous subject. It is banned to sell ivory in the U.S., but with all bans there are some strange loopholes that people have been able to find their way through. One of them is that you must prove the ivory is at least 100 years old. So if someone does this (or successfully forges a document), it is technically legal. While lots of ivory does come into the U.S. every year, there really is not a general allowance of ivory trade.

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