Is it just me or are bananas harder to peel lately?

Seems like whenever I TRY to peel a banana, the skin wont tear! What gives, when I was a kid it would tear right open, now I need a knife! and no I’m not old/weak lmao.



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    Banana peels may be harder to peel this time of year because they are not in season. To get the bananas to the store, they need to be shipped from further away. To ensure that they are still ripe when they get to the store, they need to be picked off of the tree at an earlier age. The bananas that you are peeling may not be entirely ripe. They will still be safe to eat, but if you wait a few days, they might be easier to peel.

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    I’ve also felt they’ve been harder to peel, but I prefer green bananas. Bananas are way easier to peel when they are very ripe with lots of brown spots. As bananas ripen they convert their starches to sugars, which makes them softer, sweeter, and best for things like banana bread.

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    A good tip is to peel from the tip with no stem. That part can squish right open pretty easily, and then it peels neatly once started.

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    I’ve also noticed this phenomenon. I don’t know if they are getting harder to peel or not, but it sure seems that way to me. Tutt47 may be on to something about the sugars. I wonder if because we were younger we at softer (riper) fruit. Just a theory. 

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