it is June and I see a bird(not sure what type) building a nest over our garage in the corner on a wire. Isn’t it a bit late to build a nest? I have had birds build a nest there before but much earlier.



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    Nest-building season lasts “from early spring until late summer”. Perhaps this bird is a different species than the other birds who have built nests over your garage. Or maybe your spring was colder/rainier than normal, which delayed birds building nests.

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    One of the many lesser commented on effects of Global warming is the effect on bird migratory patterns. Many birds have had their patterns changed form what they used to be, adapting to warmer climates in the south and later winters. This may be a permanent change, or a temporary response to other factors, only time will tell in your case.

    I hope this helped!

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    Also, it depends on the species of bird. Some birds build nests later in the year than others.

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