It is important to make green products cheap so people will buy them?



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    Yes. Especially with the current economic state the US is in, having reasonably priced products is important. An issue most people have with green products and organic food is the price. There is this persona that green products are expensive and only for the wealthy. This thought needs to disappear allowing people to have the knowledge and use of green products.

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    It is not about cheap, necessarily. It is ideal that a green product is produced to be competitively priced with non-green products in order to be economically viable. However, in my opinion the most important thing is to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. The costs and benefits should align so that the responsible consumer forgoes a cheaper environmentally harmful or wasteful product. If a green product tries too hard to be cheap it will converge on regular products. Being green is a niche industry that requires a businessman to make the hard choice for a more expensive raw input. A green product is a product that asks you to pay a little more money; to put a down payment on the future. It asks you to be responsible and add a few cents to the collective green pot.

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