Is it important to educate people on biodiversity and why we need it?



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    Of course. By teaching people about biodiversity and its importance, I think we are encouraging people to respect the planet more. The world is not ours for the taking and it’s important that we remember that. I think biodiversity education is the best way to instill those important values.

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    Educating people about biodiversity is very important. Biodiversity ensures that there is a significant amount of genetic variation within a species to ensure its survival. Biodiversity also ensures for a variety of ecosystems and a variety of wildlife species that live in those ecosystems. Having different ecosystems is very important because not only do they provide wildlife species with habitat but humans with many resources. For example coral reefs are important because they provide shelter for about one-forth of all marine fish, and the U.S. fishing industry is about a 2.5 billion dollar industry that depends on those fish while providing food and employment.

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