Is it important to build renewable energy close to where it is going to be used?



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    Yes; many experts believe that renewable energy will be a localized development, meaning that energy will be produced and used locally, rather than produced centrally and distributed throughout the country. Local energy generation makes economic sense because it cuts down on transmission costs; power lines cost about $1.5 million per mile. In the case of renewable energy, different regions of the country have different resources. Localized energy production could geothermal and solar plants in the southwest, biomass in the midwest, wind power in the mountain west and along the coasts, etc.

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    It is important to build it close to where it is being used, but not necessary. For example and utility company in Austin called Austin Energy built a wind turbine farm out in West Texas (that is a good 8 hour drive from Austin to West Texas). The wind generated isn’t used to offset their customers utility bills, but is an alternative choice for their customers to opt into and support using green energy. Overtime it will cost less for the customers.

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