Is it immoral to have dog meat as a source of food?



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    Saying that it is or isn’t a moral thing to do is a personal opinion. In China, it has been tradition to eat dog stew for its warming qualities. However, the rising middle class proposes that it should be banned because it is believed to be immoral. But why protect just cats and dogs? Don’t Hindus believe that the slaughter of cows is immoral? Shouldn’t they be protected too? And what about those people who have chickens or pigs as pets? They would believe that the slaughter of chickens and pigs is immoral, because they see some worth in them besides the quality of their meat.

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    Yes, morality is decided by the individual and usually influenced the by surrounding group.  In general, we could look at the idea: why must animals be eaten when there are plenty of other plant-based foods available?  Life is life, though.  You could argue that plants have feeling as well, so all foods are for a cause if they provide sustenance.

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