Is it illegal to touch sea turtles?



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    There are laws about the trade of sea turtles, the allowable fishing equipment for commercial fishers in sea turtle habitat, and the dumping of trash from ships.

    I don’t think it is illegal to touch a sea turtle, but I recommend considering the amount of stress you may cause it by approaching and attempting to touch it.  Also, keep in mind that approaching and touching any wild animal is dangerous.

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    It is, unless you are a marine expert qualified or licensed to handle them. Since sea turtles are a federally protected species in the US, interfering with it’s natural life or harassing it in any way (even handling dead turtles) can subject the offender to a penalty. This is because of their federal protection as well as how fragile they are when young.

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    In Hawaii it is illegal to touch the Green Sea Turtles in the area. This is due to the Green Sea Turtle being an endangered species. More information can be found at the website provided.

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    It is illegal to touch sea turtles. They are protected by the government because they are classified as an endangered species. I had the opportunity to see a sea turtle in Hawaii, as it laid out on the beach during the day. It was a beautiful sight to see, and in my opinion, seeing it rest on the beach was completely rewarding without having to go over and touch it. If you ever have a chance to see a sea turtle first hand, I think the experience will be completely fun whether or not you’re allowed to touch it. 

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