Is it illegal to shoot a pigeon with a BB gun?



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    It is specific to ones’ state. I live in California. Common pigeons are not considered a game species, and are not proteced under California (or any other state that I know of) law. It is ok to shoot common pigeons.

    The Band-Tailed Pigeon is a game species and may only be huntined with appropriate licenses during open hunting season. 

    It is also illegal to knowingly shoot a homing or racing pigeon, though California law (Fish and Game Code Section 3680) specifically states:

    “Any person, other than the owner thereof, who at any time, by
    any means or in any manner, purposely takes any racing pigeon
    currently registered with a recognized organization, is guilty of a
    misdemeanor. However, the incidental take of registered racing
    pigeons with the shooting or taking of wild band-tailed pigeons or
    domestic pigeons (Columba livia), is not a violation of this section.”

    There are also other laws that may pertain to your specific municipality. Many cities have ordancaces that ban discharging a fire arm within city limits. If you live out side city limits this will likely not be a problem.

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