Is it illegal to share e-books like it is with digital music?



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    Books can be downloaded an unlimited amount of times, but the typical restriction comes into play where the book can only be downloaded to about 6 different devices, though the publisher can put a restriction on the number of devices it can be downloaded to.  There is no way of knowing the number of limitations prior to downloading the book.  For more information, refer to the website below.

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    That depends on the publisher.  Barnes and Noble (and I believe other e-book retaliers by now) have a e-book called the Nook.  It allows e-book lending much like you could lend a traditional book, but it is subject to regulations of the publisher.  I have read that these books allow you to transfer the copy to a friend for some period of time, during which it would be unavailable to you.

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    It would depend on whether or not the publisher or author has allowed for the sharing of content.  Very often even in digital books there will be a copyright notice at the beginning of the ebook referencing the particular copyright policy of the rights owner, just like in an actual printed book.  If the author or publisher has authorized the multiple distribution and copying of their work, then it would not be illegal to share and distribute the ebook.  The digital format for books faces the same ethical/legal implications that digital music faces, in  that as long as the copyright holder has given express permission, sharing is legal, whereas if they haven’t, sharing of that ebook would be considered a violation of the copyright and thus illegal.

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