Is it illegal to sell walrus tusks?



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    No, it is not illegal to sell walrus tusks, but there are regulations to the walrus ivory trade. Since hunting walrus and using its tusks is a culturally important practice to Alaskan indigenous cultures, the U.S. government allows Alaskans to harvest walrus tusk for subsistence. They are also permitted to trade the tusks, among each other or with non-Alaskans, as long as the sale is registered with the Fish and Wildlife Service.

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    In Alaska hunters must present walrus tusks to a representative of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for tagging within 30 days of the kill. Non-natives may only collect the skulls, bones, teeth, and ivory from beach found walrus carcasses. The collected parts must also be presented to a representative of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for registration and/or tagging within 30 days of the find. Once they have been registered, these parts become the property of the finder and cannot be solded, traded, or given away without permission from the registration. Ivory found on the beach by Alaskan Natives must be tagged within 30 days of the find and may be made into native handicrafts.

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