Is it illegal to plant a garden in your front yard instead of grass?



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    Not at all, you have the freedom to plant whatever you’d like in front of your house.  The only restrictions you may face are if you are member of a home owners association that expects grass on member’s front yards.  Also, what ever is planted in the garden cannot encroach upon someone else’s property and will most likely need to obey a height limitation. Otherwise, you have the freedom to plant what you like.  In many areas of the country, planting a garden is not only functional but better for the environment than grass.

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    Also, some homes don’t have backyards and only have enough space for a garden in the front yard. This is common where I live, and if you’re concerned about privacy just build some sort of decorative ivy-covered wall around the front yard. Like andyyea mentioned, the only real restrictions I can see to this would be a home owners association being upset that it doesn’t fit in with the rest of the neighborhood. Maybe you can start a new trend that would make this the new norm!

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    Before you take on this innovative project be sure to check with your neighborhood or city to make sure they don’t have any restrictions.  Many neighborhood associations have goofy rules and it would be such a shame for you to put in all that work only to be told it’s against the neighborhood guidelines.  

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    I am unsure if this is illegal but I would like to ask more questions.

    Does the city get involved if you stop cutting your grass?

    In my neighborhoods, the people also trim the parkways. Does the city mind if you stop cutting the grass there?

    If you can build a large wooden fence, you can practically have anything in your back yard.

    I think what it boils down to is the public. If no one complains, the law probably won’t hunt you.

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