Is it illegal to hunt whales in most countries?



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    The short answer to segura‚Äôs question is: yes, technically. Whaling is a large problem today, even with regulations. At the 2010 meeting of the International Whaling Commissions 88 members of various countries discussed the potential lift of the then 24-year ban on commercial whaling. The countries that partake in whaling and support lifting the ban are Japan, Norway, and Iceland. As of the 2010 decision a compromise was made to allow the aforementioned countries to continue whaling until 2020, but under strict restrictions on the amount they can catch. Prior to 2010, The Untied States and Australia are the central opponents to whaling. Small indigenous groups are also allowed to whale in accordance with cultural tradition, but in limited amounts. Whaling is still a problem which continues to devastate many species, but the large scale whaling of the past has ultimately been eradicated. 

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