Is it illegal to hunt polar bears?



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    Generally speaking, it is illegal for the average person to kill a polar bear. There are a few exceptions though. In Alaska and Canada, for instance, polar bear hunting is limited to qualified Natives. Moreover, hunting is regulated by a quota system and enforced through a system of harvest tags. In Russia, indigenous people are permitted to hunt and kill 29 polar bears annually. Additionally, in Greenland, hunting polar bear is limited to professionals, hunters who strictly use hunting and fishing as their source of income.

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    From what I’ve read, it depends on the area. According to Polar International, most populations continue to be hunted even though the species is supposed to be protected by the IUCN, because they are on the endangered species list.  It is completely illegal in Svalbard. Other areas like Alaska and Canada have restricted the hunting of Polar Bears strictly to Native Americans and Eskimo tribes.

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