Is it illegal to eat horse meat in America?



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    Rigibson is correct, it’s not illegal to eat horse meat in the United States.  However, horse meat has never taken-off as a major source of meat for Americans.  In fact, there is a movement to outlaw the slaughter and consumption of horse in the United States; though all bills presented to Congress to do so have been denied.

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    It is not illegal to consume horse meat, but it is a practice more popular in certain parts of Europe like Belgium and Japan.  Horses in America are treated as either pets or work animals, they are not usually seen as food.  In early to mid 2000, 80,000 horses were slaughtered here each year for export. A bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives ended that practice by banning all horse slaughtering, and transport for slaughtering, in America.

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