Is it illegal to declaw a cat in some places in the US?



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    Many cities in California have banned veterinarians from performing the declawing procedure, including West Hollywood, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Santa Monica. But cities can no longer pass such bans in California thanks to the California Veterinary Medical Association. They don’t like these laws that make procedures illegal without concern for the animal’s needs. They helped pass a law about a year ago that made it illegal to ban veterinary procedures in such a way. Some situations, like cancer, call for the procedure. But the fact remains that the U.S. is one of the only countries in the world where the practice is commonplace.

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    It is illegal to declaw cats in West Hollywood, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Berkeley, Burbank, Culver City and Santa Monica.  But the ban is ONLY for declawing for NON-THERAPEUTIC reasons.  In all of these California cities, declawing can be performed to treat cancer, an injury, or any other medically necessary reason.  The California Veterinary Medical Association wants to protect the vets’ income derived from declawing and vigorously opposed all of these humane laws.

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