Is it illegal to buy raw milk?



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    Raw milk is legal. Have a look at the raw milk FAQ link, below. It sounds a little fanatical, but it has points to make. California has a raw milk association has a Web site, if you just want to browse around various raw milk-related issues.

    Raw milk cheeses are often high-end hand-crafted products, with what one Web site calls “vibrant and nuanced” flavors. (I’ve eaten a few, and found their flavor interesting, unusual, and memorable.)

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    Raw milk is legal in some states and legal for different uses in other states. Some states, such as Nevada, Wyoming, Louisiana and Hawaii have banned raw milk for any use due to its potentially detrimental affects on peoples health. Other states, like Georgia and Florida, raw milk is only legal as pet food. There are also some stipulations based on where raw milk can be sold (i.e. directly from a farmer or in retail locations). There are numerous scary stories of how raw milk can attack peoples immune systems because without being pasteurized or homogenized, certain bacterias can grow in the milk in negative ways. 

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