Is it healthier to pack a lunch for your kids or buy them lunch at school?



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    It is definitely healthier for you to pack a lunch for your kids. This is because you know what is going into it! You can not control what your child gets at school. Your child could be choosing to eat crappy foods. 

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    There’s a movement nation-wide in some school districts to get top-rated training for creating healthier menus.  It’s a great idea, but while we continue to haggle over school funding they are still getting caught with less-than-adequate funding to provide the proper meals.  There’s promise in the future, but in the meantime it’s best to stick with made-at-home lunches.

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    Well it also depends on what you are packing in your kids lunches.  Almost every school has a salad bar and offers fresh fruit for children.  If you are packing Lunchables every day with sugary fruit drinks, then it is better for your child to have the option to eat healthy at school. 

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