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    I’ve seen many of your posts on Greenanswers about your windmill design and watched your Youtube video. To people like me who do not understand nuclear or wind power that much, these posts and your videos will not help your windmill become mainstream no matter how efficient it is. Write out an article or blog in layman’s terms or show some equations or diagrams, because all we have right now is your word that it works.

    Stop making 2 sentence posts on this site or other sites and construct a strong article that explains why your design is so powerful and publish it in a reputed newspaper if possible. Because to be honest right now, you sound like a conspiracy theorist who can’t back up his claims. I want to read an article by you, because if this windmill works as well as you say it does, it will be revolutionary.

    By the way, next time you want to reference your video, post the url which is Much easier than asking us to search it ourselves.

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