Is it harmful to boil water in a plastic kettle?



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    The safety of boiling water in plastic kettles varies across different manufacturers. If the plastic in question has been contaminated by industrial chemical waste (such as melamine) then eating foods prepared in it will transfer trace amounts of that chemical waste into the body. Additionally, if the plastic is of low quality, then prolonged reuse will result in plastic peeling, thin layers of plastic decomposing into the water boiling in it. And, as whenever plastic is mentioned in an environmental context, one has to consider the energy that goes into making plastics, which are often petroleum based, and the consumptive nature of the material, which is often nigh on impossible to biologically dispose of.

    That being said, high-quality plastic kettles can be quite safe and are in plentiful supply. Many of them discourage mineral buildup and are much cheaper and safer to operate than glass or steel kettles.

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