Is it harder to send someone to the moon or mars?



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    It is more difficult to send someone to Mars, just because it is so far away. The two planets are separated by nearly 55 million miles while the moon lies just over 238,000 miles from Earth. That means it would take nearly 100 times the energy it takes to get to the moon to get to Mars.

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    Mars. The moon is relatively close to Earth (in terms of astronomical units it’s only a fraction of one: The moon’s orbit is elliptical, and the distance varies quite a bit (it varies from 225,745 mi. to 251,967 mi.) One AU is the distance from the Sun to Earth, about 150 million kilometers. So that’s only about 0.2 AU from where we are to the moon. Mars and earth when they are closest together are about 55 million kilometers apart (about 1/3 of an AU). The much greater distance from Earth to Mars makes it much more difficult. 


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    It is much more difficult to send someone to Mars than the moon, as we have yet to accomplish a Mars mission with astronauts. Other than being more difficult financially, it would between 7-9 month to get to Mars, while it only takes a few days to reach the moon. The feasibility of going to Mars has been weighed over the years because of it’s distance and the massive life support system it would require for astronauts during that long travel period. Ultimately it would be much more costly in terms of time, resources, and distance to reach Mars than it does with the moon; besides, we have visited the moon many times by now, so it would seem that it is very feasible to do that over Mars at this point in time.

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