Is it hard to grow asparagus at your house?



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    Asparagus is difficult to grow from a seed, so your best bet would be to start with a one-year old plant. Aside from that, asparagus is a perennial, so once it is planted, it will keep growing. The plants require full sun and cooler temperatures and take several years to become edible.

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    Try buying asparagus crowns at your local nursery. Crows will have a root system already in place. Also, it will be about three years before you can get a good crop of asparagus, but will last for years if you tend to your garden correctly. 

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    If you buy the asparagus crowns at your nursery you will have better luck.  Once they are planted and doing well – about 2-3 years, they will continue to keep growing for many, many years.   You may want to check to make sure they are organic as well as using organic soil so you do not need to worry about pesticides or chemicals in your asparagus.

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