Is it hard to compost indoors?



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    Most people don’t compost indoors because of space issues. But depending on the volume of compost you create, a vermicomposting bin (e.g. using lots of worms) is quite suitable to indoor composting. You can read more about vermicomposing here ( There are other indoor composting options out-there now as well that you can read about here (

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    You can compost indoors, but most people don’t because it is such a messy/stinky process.  Especially if you compost all of your extra food scraps and waste, it can compile to look like some pretty nasty stuff.  Also, composting outside allows you to rotate it more and air it out more frequently. If however, you only have small amounts of waste you wish to compost, go for it!  I detailed instruction guide is cited below. 

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