Is it greener to use water from the faucet that is at room temperature as opposed to using cold water?

I wonder what system keeps the local water cold during the summer and if you put an extra drain on it by using cold tap water (because it’s refrigeration motors would have to run for longer, using more electricity).



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    To answer your main question, yes it is greener to use water that is naturally coming out of the tap as opposed to cooling the water.  However, the water that comes out of your tap is naturally cold and most likely you don’t have a system that cools the water.  The water that you get from your faucet probably either comes from a well (which is naturally cold because it is underground), or from a local reservoir (which comes mostly from rain water, streams, or maybe even a natural geyser which are all also cold).  In the summer time, yes the reservoirs can get warm, but they pass through pipes which are underground, cooling the water naturally.  Unless you are getting water from your refrigerator (some of which cool the water), chances are your coldest water is the natural temperature of the water coming straight to your house.

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