Is it greener to live in rural areas or cities?



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    Although the city is usually crammed with negative vibes towards the environment, I have to think that perhaps it is greener to live in one. But I understand that both of these types of places have their benefits.

    In the city you are generally closer to the places you need to be. This means less traveling in the car to reach locations. You are able to walk more and public transportation isn’t too far off.

    Most places in the city are also small. Small spaces often prompt people to consume less products. The less you can fit in your home the less you will buy.

    These are only a few benefits.

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    Depends on your lifestyle and how you take advantage of where you live. If you life in a rural area and grow your own food and rarely use a car, than you could lead a greener life than somebody in the city. Conversely, if you live in a rural area and drive an hour every couple days to buy groceries and other necessities and treat the land around you poorly, then it’d be greener for you to live in a city.

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    I agree with phillius. It depends on your lifestyle. Rural living usually means access to land for crops, and for a rain water collection system. If you are rural and self-sustaining, then you are very green.

    Conversely, city living means limited access to your own food, and you are usually part of the expansive grid system. However, there are many people in cities who have downsized their lives and live simple existences, relying little on their vehicles. They are also quite green.

    There are options for green living in both the city and in the country.

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