Is it greener to live off the grid or in a large city?



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    I think it’s pretty clear that if you live off the grid, it would be greener.

    By “live off the grid,”I’m assuming you mean is it greener to live by yourself, growing your own food, rarely traveling, and not using any modern conveniences like telephones, televisions, radios, etc. Anything that would connect you to the outside world.

    This means that your electricity usage plummets, the amount of gasoline you use plummets, the amount of pollution you support by buying food shipped from accross the world plummets, (and that your quality of life plummets… considerably.)

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    I agree with Tommy Mathis, although here are my 2 cents.

    I cannot think of a way that you would live off the grid and not be sustrainable and green. You grow your food, build your home and supplies, travel minimaly, take care of the earth around you. You could be causing something like 0 impact.

    Alternatively, in the city, you could be envrionmentally friendly also. You would use more resources most definitely, but there might be a balance and a turn around. If, say, by being in the city, you are raising awereness and building a community in favor of the environment, that might cancel out your individual impact and make your impact from living in the city positive.

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