Is it greener to have shorter hair and use less shampoo/conditioner versus having longer hair and using more?



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    I think in some ways yes. Conservation of any product — in this case, so more shampoo does not have to be produced (which requires energy to be expended and resources to be used up (petroleum products go into making things like plastic shampoo bottles; and manufacturing definitely uses up a good deal of energy) when you can cut down on the amount of something you have to use, you are going to be helping the environment out somewhat (because you are putting less of a strain on it, from an energy/pollution standpoint). In the same token, taking COLD SHOWERS, or not using any shampoo or conditioner at all AND CUTTING DOWN ON THE LENGTH OF SHOWERS is really the best way to do personal hygene the green way! HAHA, u like my accidental rhyme?

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