Is it greener to have a shaved head because you don’t have to use shampoo and conditioner?



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    Not really. Regardless of how much hair you’ve got, you don’t have to use shampoo or conditioner. Humans got on fine for thousands of years with no such thing. However, if you do use it, there are plenty of biodegradable, sustainable, and otherwise eco-friendly options for both.

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    In general though, the fewer products that someone uses, the more eco-friendly they stand to be. 

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    Depends on how you shave your head…and how often.  Are you using an electric razor or manual?  This could make a difference in the relative “greenness” of having (or not having) hair.  I remember hearing a recent NPR article that said we Americans are definitely overshampooing, and dermatologists even recommend we take a more relaxed hair cleaning regimen.

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