Is it greener to have a septic tank or a sewer system?



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    This is an interesting question. When you have a septic tank you use less water to control the flow of sewage while you have a greater risk of putting raw waste into the ground while when you have a sewer system you have more water consumption but more waste is recycled. I would task you with the question is water conservation or waste management more important to you personally?

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    This is indeed an interesting question. I would suggest that a privately owned and used septic is more green, as the careful owner will only use it as intended and the resulting waste, compost to be used on the garden or field is necessary for the rotation of crops. The corporation owned sewage farms should be the greenest, where the methane is captured and used to cook the waste and convert it into compost. However, few plants do this and the big NO! Is that at times of heavy rainfall they all dump raw sewage into our lakes, rivers and seas. This is totally disgusting and the shareholders and managers should be hung for allowing it.

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