Is it good for your immune system to eat foods that are made from bacteria?



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    There is good and bad bacteria. Bacteria is quite commonly used in dairy products, for example in sour cream and yogurt. Studies have suggested that good bacteria or “probiotics” can improve one’s health or help with intestinal disorders. Fermented milk products can also be eaten by people with lactose intolerance, given that its is not heated up after the fermentation process.

    A recent study by the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine shows that “good” bacteria in our gut keep the immune system “primed to a more effectively fighting infection from invading pathogenic bacteria”. However, much of this is still debatable.


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    It is natural to have bacteria in your system, and eating friendly bacteria can help you keep that natural balance. Eating lots of yogurt (which can also be made from soy) and other pro-biotic food is a good way to cure/prevent yeast infections. Anti-fungal creams will help temporarily, but in the long-run you want to keep the balance in your system. You don’t have to make pro-biotic foods part of every meal, but consider eating more of them 🙂 My college biology professor also said that pro-biotic foods are very beneficial to your health.

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