Is it good for your dog to feed them vegetarian dog food?



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    Dogs are omnivores meaning they can eat both plant and animal based foods however they do require  higher amounts of protein and calcium that are mainly derived from meat sources. While it would be possible to feed a dog only plant based foods, many of its required nutrients would be imbalanced or missing altogether which could cause serious health problems for the dog. 

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    Like Jmendez said, dogs require a great amount of protein and other nutrients that are mainly found in meat. While you can find the majority of these essentials in vegetarian food, it would be better(for your pup) to have a well balanced diet of both meat and veggies.

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    Some of the vegan dog foods are perfectly fine for dogs.  I couldn’t use them on mine because he would poo all over the floor whenever he got up from a laying position, which was kind of sad, actually.  He was always so embarrassed, so we put him back on his other food.

    An acquaintance of mine, however, has all of her dogs on a good quality vegan dog food and they’re all thriving, and have been for over 10 years.  They’re not struggling with being overweight, either, and the vet says her dogs are perfectly healthy.

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