Is It good for you to eat the skin of an orange?



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    There is some concern with eating orange peels that are not organic because this part of the orange will have the most concentrated amount of herbicides or pesticides. Your body also doesn’t digest orange peels as easily, so there can be some digestive disruption. Eating the inner white area of the peel is healthier and easier to digest. If you are going to eat peels, try to get organic oranges. 

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    Yes, buy organic if you are going to eat the orange peel, and also lightly scrub in very mild soapy water, and rinse. (It doesn’t take long, and you can feel a noticable difference.)

    Note that with kumquats, you’re supposed to eat the sweet peel along with the bitter inside.

    Orange peels are used in the popular Chinese dish Orange Peel Beef. The orange peel is available pre-dried in bags, but it’s no more difficult than letting orange peels (or tangerine peels) lie out in the sun for a couple days to make them yourself.

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