Is it a good thing that there are no longer pay phones on every corner?



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    Pay phones seem to be a form of technology that is lost. With the invention of cell-phones, the need for as many pay phones was not as necessary as in the past. And I’ve found that it is often too difficult to find a pay phone these days, especially when you really need one. So, in that sense, it’s not that good of an idea to remove all but a few, and those that are around are usually in terrible and often unusable condition. I do not think that pay phones should be completely done away with either, they are necessary for emergencies if nothing else.

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    I think it is a reminder that there is little need for pay phones anymore because so many people have cell phones. This social change alters the way we are able to communicate but also carries with it the potential for environmental hazard. With all the new cell phones being used and discarded, a burgeoning pile of e-waste has become a new environmental issue.

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