Is it good to put grass clippings in the garden. If so how much?



  1. bob
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    Absolutely, kinda sorta. To address cfcharles’s answer, all could happen but not if you apply your clippings this way. Never apply wet grass clippings, allow to dry first. Wet grass will form a dense mat that will shed water if apply over 1″ thick. The odor that may occur is due to anaerobically (without oxygen) decomposition. If you keep the mulch stirred up this will not happen. Do not apply grass clippings to tomatoe beds. You will get dense foliage and smaller fruit. Tomatoes will take up all the nitrogen available and grass is a rich source of nitrogen. Beans, corn, onions, and beets love being mulched with grass clippings. If you do treat your lawn compost the clippings instead and use this compost for your flowers.

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