Is it a good idea to grow Aloe from seed?

I want to grow aloe plants, but I would like to start from seed. I want to try to buy the seeds from a garden store, like Tagawa Gardens here in Colorado. I would like to know if it is a good idea to grow from seeds, and ultimately how to.



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    Yes it is a very good idea! I too am from Colorado and although I got my seeds from an aloe plant, they grew quickly and are very healthy in Colorado’s climate. Mine are indoor plants and sit in a very sunny spot. I planted seeds and they produced 16 plants. Each plant I potted separately, which I think helps them grow better. They are doing great though! It’s really easy to grow them and they are pretty low maintenance, just water them every few days and make sure they are getting sunlight.

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    To grow Aloe from seed the temperature must be maintained at a steady 21°C (70°F) during germination. Germination is a funny one with Aloe it can take anything from 4 months to 2 years. So you may have to be patient.

    Aloe vera is largely available as a single clone, mass produced throughout the world and not found in nature. Even the native habitat of vera is uncertain. It is an ancient plant. So, to produce seed one would have to find two separate clones, which may or may not exist. Then they would need to flower in unison and be cross pollinated. Why bother when this plant is so readily available.

    It is far easier to obtain ‘offshoots’ from the parent plant. These are smaller plants that will start to grow around a more mature plant.

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