Is it a good idea to buy a mattress on craigslist?



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    I personally bought a mattress on craigslist. However, it is a risky endeavor considering the nasty things people do in beds (I don’t think they need to be mentioned). If you see a mattress you want, it’s critical to know how long they have had the bed and why they are selling it. The mattress I bought was from a student in the Berkeley area who claimed he never used it (because he slept at his girlfriends house) and that it was only a few months old (the box spring was still wrapped in plastic). Its really a judgement call; as long as it doesn’t smell bad or look dirty, I would consider it. Remember, you don’t sleep ON the mattress, hopefully you sleep on the sheets covering it. It’s definitely cheaper and greener to buy used…

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    It is more envirnomentally friendly than buying a new mattress because it already been produced so it does not require using any new materials. Having said that, you must think about what could be on a mattress (urine, semen, other bodily fluids, ect…) before you buy one. As the first poster answered “it is a risky endeavor”

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    Just like purchasing anything else on Craigslist there’s always risk involved.  Although this is a great way to buy a cheaper mattress, keep in mind hygenic issues as well.  There are suggestions on how to sanitize a used mattress at: Another suggestion could be to utilize a mattress pad, there are regular cotton pads and memory foam toppers available as well.

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    I never would, unless it was new in the wrapper. There is a chance it could have bed bugs! Plus you don’t want to chance laying in another’s fluids. Ugh! I think there are some states that make it illegal to sell a used mattress. 

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