Is it good for the environment to workout?



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    Yes! If you are overweight, every form of transportation will have to carry that extra weight around. People who work out regularly tend to be healthier, more productive and happier!

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    There are also certain ways you can workout that helps the environment. For example, instead of driving to the bank or to a friends house, I like to run there. My cousin does the same by riding her bike to the grocery store. Also, when I go to the beach to surf and see trash around, I want to and I will pick it up. Same with walking or running around a park or trail or any other natural area. 

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    That depends on your method of exercise. If you drive to an indoor gym, hop on a treadmill, use a fan to cool off, and watch TV at the same time, you would not be benefiting the environment. However, there are many ways to be more environmentally friendly in your daily activities, exercise included. I don’t think that exercise is necessarily good or bad for the environment in itself, it all depends on how you go about it. If you want to benefit the environment, try picking up trash on your outdoor run or biking instead of driving.

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    The greenest way to exercise is to replace traditional modes of transportation, such as driving, with walking/biking. Gyms and exercise machines require a lot of energy to operate, and because most people drive to the gym, this can have a large impact on the environment. By replacing driving with walking or biking, you’re doing something that’s good for the environment, as well as good for yourself.

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    I agree with kristennoelle and johannag. Gyms and gym equipment require a lot of energy, but there are eco-friendly ways to workout too. You can ride your bike to work and get a good workout in saving gas. There are also exercise bikes that are powered only by your own effort and thus require no electricity. There are even sneakers you can buy made from recycled materials! Working out can be good for the environment if you make an effort to approach it in an eco-friendly manner. 

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    A gym in Portland is allowing people to power their own workouts, which is a much more environmentally friendly way of doing it.  Ultimately, though, I feel like traditional work out activities are neutral – even if they don’t actively harm the environment, they don’t actively benefit the environment unless you get a little creative about it.  (For example, running instead of walking is definitely a good choice, but running doesn’t do anything for the environment in and of itself.)  duckyduh mentioned picking up trash, which is actively beneficial; trail maintenance and gardening can also make a direct impact on the environment.

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    I agree with what everyone is saying, but let me also go over somethings that are more basic and typical. Sure, gyms are energy eaters and walking or riding a bike is better than driving. 

    But let us realize that people who workout sweat, meaning more showers, more soaps, more laundry, more deoderant. Also realize that people who workout and exercise require more nutrition and often different nutrtion. A person who does not exercise might never need protein shakes or gatorade, whereas a person who works out might very well be buying many products to support their body.These products are packaged and synthesized by energy consuming factories.

    From what I notice, that often times while trying to become healthy, you are potentially harming nature. For example, it is said that the healthiest part of the apple is the skin, so people that are on strict diets trying to make their body very healthy only eat the skin, which I consider to be wasteful. Exercise is the same way.

    Let us also look at this mentally. If you are exercising, you care about your body, meaning that you are probably going to be eating a bit healthier too. More fruits and veggies might replace processed foods (made in energy consuming factories). If you exercise, you are entering into a community of others who exercise, which might make you mroe exposed to outdoor activities (making you appreciate nature and perhaps raising awareness of threats to the environment) and to foods that are healthy, which will also expose you to the threats against nature.

    Also, like someone said, if you are a person who exercises, you are more likely to drive less and use a bicycle or walk more.

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