Is it going to cost more to cut carbon emissions or keep going like we are?



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    It depends on what you value. Monetary costs are going to pile up as we work to cut carbon emissions, but quality of life and health and safety will improve. If we just keep going like we are now and there are more than a billion cars in 2050 and CO2 levels continue to rise exponentially, people are going to suffer. Health should be a priority, because without it one cannot enjoy life. It is going to a lot of money to implement the solutions which will protect our futures, but I think that it is absolutely worth it—life that is—and protecting people’s chances at having blessed futures and a clean earth like we inherited (I feel as though, right now, it’s more or less pretty clean, we have just been making a mess recently [since the industrial revolution] and we are going to pay the price that you have to pay to clean up after you make a mess [like if you let your room get really dirty—you have to spend a while (valuable time and resources) cleaning it up!

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