As it gets hotter every year does the water in our oceans get warmer too?



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    There is a correlation between global warming and ocean temperature. In July of 2009, global ocean surface temperature was the warmest it has been since record-keeping of the ocean’s temperatures began in 1880. Meteorologists have said that the rising of the ocean’s temperatures is an even more serious indication of global warming than rising air temperatures because water takes longer to heat up and longer to cool down.

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    There is definitely a correlation between rising air temperatures and rising ocean temperatures. It is more serious if the ocean temperature rises because that increases our chances for hurricanes and other natural disasters. It also takes a lot longer for water temperatures to rise. Seasonal rise is expected, water is usually warmer in the summer, but the mean temperature rise is what is indicative of global warming taking affect.

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    Just to build upon the above answers, according to NOAA, “global ocean surface temperatures for 2010 tied with 2005 as the third warmest on record” (from here). Moreover, the seasonal 2010 – 2011 ocean surface temperature averages were tied for the 10th warmest on record, at .65°F above the 20th century average of 60.5°F (NOAA). The northern hemisphere average ocean surface temperatures were tied for 8th warmest on record. A study completed by NOAA which examined ocean temperature fluctuations over the last two decades indicated that the oceans are warming (faster than the IPCC predicted) and at a rate inconsistent with natural fluctuations. This is especially concerning due to the ocean’s role as a huge carbon sink; the warmer the waters are, the less carbon they are able to absorb (moreover, sea water expands as it warms, resulting in a rise in sea levels). 

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