Is it fair to say that America has the most responsibility for making the world a greener place?



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    Not entirely, England, France, Germany, America, and all the other industrialized powers are at fault for the pollution of the world. Now there are new countries trying to industrialize, such as China, India, and Brazil, they should have an equal burden in terms of keeping the earth clean. In many ways the newly industrializing countries should have a bigger burden, since they control the future outputs. Most of western Europe is trying to minimize their environmental impacts already and they’re working to cut back emissions. Whereas China just keeps polluting more every year.

    It needs to be a concentrated world effort, because it effects the whole world. Some areas are more effected than others and they should step up and do their share.

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    There’s much debate on this subject. I would argue that yes, the United States has more responsibility that any other country. We emit more than any other country except China (which has far more people), and we basically ushered in the Industrial Revolution, which led to carbon emissions in virtually every aspect of our lives. Additionally, as a country with many allies and a strong political position, we are well suited to push for carbon-reduction legislation, both domestically and internationally. As they say, with power comes responsibility. It’s too bad that the United Nations doesn’t have real law-making power, or it would be much easier to enact worldwide environmental legislation.

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