Is it fair to own a border collie in an apartment?



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    It depends.  Check with your landlord for specifics.

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    While it’s not recommended, it’s certainly possible for a border collie to live happily  in an apartment. Because they’re very active, though, you would need to take them out exercising a lot. Walks and runs in the park are a must, and if you train them well, then they can be very good apatment companions without feeling cramped.

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    It is definitely possible to be fair to a border collie in an apartment, but it takes a lot of work and maintenance to do so, and there are many other dogs (smaller, non-herding breeds) better suited to apartment living.  If you’re set on a border collie, though, make sure to give them something (chairs, balls, toys, people) to herd on a frequent basis, and ideally your apartment has a yard that the dog can easily access.  Good luck!

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    As long as you get it lots of exercise, it’s not a problem.  Border collies love to run, and run a lot.  If they don’t get enough exercise, they become neurotic and won’t be a very high-functioning dog.

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    It is absolutely possible to have a BC in an apartment as long as you maintain a daily exercise routine. You might even want to consider daily dog care if you are able to. Many facilities now offer dog care that allows them to socialize with other canines and by the time they come home they fall straight asleep. My BC mix needs at least two hours of physical exercise a day + lots of mental stimulation. Border collies have a natural instinct to chase & heard so an agility class would be perfect for teaching the dog to focus and release energy. 

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