Is it fair for EPA to demand large companies to reduce carbon emissions but not small ones?



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    Fair, maybe not – but from an economic policy premise it does make sense. By targeting large companies the EPA can cut carbon emissions much more drastically without expending large amounts of resources monitoring. Also, imposing these sanctions on small companies with limited revenue streams my severely hinder their ability to operate – a sensitive topic in the current economic climate.

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    I completely agree with the last post.  It doesn’t really seem fair to target one group and not the other, but imposing sanctions on larger companies makes much more of an impact than imposing them on smaller companies. Large corporations may have many areas in which they can reduce their carbon emissions — at the corporate level, at the industrial level, at the production level, at the transportation level etc.  A smaller company that is just starting out doesn’t have a lot of ways it can cut down on its emissions. Its ability to survive might also be compromised if it has to spend the money to reduce its emissions.  

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