Is it ever possible to have a “car-free” society?



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    Is it possible, yes.  Is it probable, no way.  Cars are simply too efficient for our needs.  It’s too easy to take vacations, make it to work on time, drive to the local grocery store when you have a car.  Honestly life is made much simpler with cars.  We will probably never again see a “car-free” society, but hopefully we can have smarter and more environmentally friendly cars on all roads before too long.

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    I think that people are too dependent on their cars and it would be impossible under our current situation to become car free. For one thing, public transportation in a lot of areas is insufficient and irregular. There are not enough bike and walking paths in cities and people continue to move further into the suburbs and the country where they have to drive just to buy bread.

    I think it is more likely that individual communities will work towards being car free. They will have to have all necessary services very close by and the community will have to make a pact to head in this direction. An alternative, such a public transportation, will have to be close by and people will have to think of different ways to take family vacations.

    Yes, we are a long way removed from this possibility at this time.

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    Yes, it’s possible – Venice (Italy) is a perfect example of this.  However, they have the advantage of a canal system, which solves their transportation needs.  Without such an infrastructure, it will be immensely difficult to replace cars, especially considering their efficiency and ubiquity (not to mention our reliance on them).

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    Of course, but it would be radically different from the society we now live in. If we were to be completely car free, we would have to revert back to farming for a living, as we wouldn’t be able to transport food to stores, nor would we be able to get the food from the store back to our homes before it would go bad, as going either on horseback or by horse and buggy would take a couple of hours, even if you only lived a few miles away. It would be sort of like the Old West, except we would have refrigerators and TVs to distract us from making a living. 

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    This is a really tough question.  It would be nice to think that it is feasible, but our society today is still far too dependent on long distance forms of transportation.  We are so familiar and comfortable with cars, it would be difficult to make the change to anything else.  If some vehicle were able to function just like a car but have absolutely no carbon/electric footprint, then it might have a chance.  It’s just hard to say because a lot of facets in our society are very resistant and scared of change.  I believe it’s definitely possible on a technological level, but it is questionable as to whether society would be. 

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    Of course it is possible. Anything is possible. Nevertheless, is it probable? I think so, but another form of transportation will take over. It will be personal airplanes or some other sort of personal vehicle. As long as humans exist they will continue to harness energy in order to make life easier for them. Driving is easier, usually. People just don’t understand how bad it is for the environment. 

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