Is it the employers responsibility to show the employees how to waste less?



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    It is in the best interest of the company’s bottom line to encourage conservation of all kinds. The word responsibility is tricky though, responsibility to what or whom? Responsibility to sound business practice, you bet. It is not the responsibility of a boss to make the employee a better citizen though, that needs to come from school and government and from the individual’s own sense of responsibility.

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    It would be tricky in this situation because of the hierarchy of power in the workplace. Employees may do things that are less wasteful because their employers have told them to, but that does not ensure that the employees have adopted that lifestyle. It would make sense for them to be less wasteful, but the mentality does not follow the action. The workplace environment could help foster that mentality, but it does not guarantee that. The employer may choose to do this or not, depending on his or her own mentality.

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    Yes. When starting a new program at the job site it is important for management to implement the plan based on a strategy so it becomes well-accepted by the employees and becomes part of the culture.
    Recycling Program
    1. Choose a Recycling Coordinator
    2. Pick the materials to recycle.
    3. Pick the collection method
    4. Determine how and who will pick it up
    5. Set up bins and guidelines
    6. Promote through education
    7. Engage the custodial staff
    8. Monitor the progress, success or issues

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