Is it efficient to produce gasoline out of shale gas?



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    There are two reasons why drilling for shale gas is not an efficient way to produce fuel. First, the costs of drilling are currently low but are expected to rise. Technologies have stalled somewhat in recent years, in part because of these artificially deflated costs: drillers are searching too much land to produce too little fuel. Second, contamination of groundwater by shale drilling makes it unattractive. Benzene used in drilling has been found in well water in Wyoming and Pennsylvania.

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    If the original question is taken at face value, it has a misconception – gasoline is not made from shale gas. So no, it is not efficient. Natural gas from tight shales, discussed in the links in the other answer, is used in all the ways any natural gas is used. But not for making gasoline, which is refined from petroleum (crude oil).

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