Is it easy to make a high school relatively green?



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    Schools can do a lot of things to go green. Changes in infrastructure such as installing wider windows, or solar panels and the like can be considered one of the big changes which will definitely take more time, money, and paperwork. Then again there little things you can do to save up on energy and make sure that things are recycled efficiently. A school can start off with planting more trees on campus. The more plants the better. Install garbage segregation bins around campus. Try to save electricity by making use of natural light rather than the fluorescent ones that are usually installed in classrooms. Most importantly, make up your own rules to make sure that everyone is responsible for their own trash to keep the campus clean.

    For example, in the Ateneo de Manila University, a school in the Philippines, college students have come up with little things such as “C.L.A.Y. Go” signs in the cafeteria. “Clean as you go.” These signs remind the students to be responsible for their own trash and do what they can to help out the cleaning staff. The school banned the use of Styrofoam and plastics such as straws and dusposable utensils and cups. Students who buy food from the food stalls can no longer use to-go packs that are not biodegradable. They either use plates and eat in the cafeteria or they can bring their own Tupperware if they want to take their food out of the cafeteria. The same goes for drinks, no more plastic cups or bottles. Drinks are either served in glasses or tumblers that can be reused. Little things like this can go a long way. Going green is not that hard.

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