Is it easy to grow an avocado plant from a seed?



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    It’s very easy, indeed. Grade schoolers can do it with 100% success. It’s also unusually fun.

    When you’ve polished off an avocado you particularly liked, wash the seed, and stick three toothpicks at 120 degree angles, not far from the end where the stem used to be. Set the seed in a transparent cup, with the toothpicks holding it from falling in. Fill the cup with water, near to the brim. Set indoors or outdoors, where it gets a few hours of sun daily. Keep the water level up.

    You can plant the seed in the ground any time, but it’s fun to watch, and there’s no reason you can’t keep the seed growing in the cup for many months, at which point it will be a cute little sapling.

    But that’s just an overview. There are intelligent, interesting, and experienced people in the “I Dig My Garden” forum, who will have plenty to share about their experiences, and who can answer your questions in detail.

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