Is it easy for a city that gets a lot of rain to become sustainable?



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    I wouldn’t say easy.  While adequate water supply certainly helps, there’s plenty of other factors to consider as well (most significantly, energy needs, sustainable building, waste management, transportation, and agriculture).

    The advantages of rainfall for a sustainable city are that it would be easier to support gardens, and rain water could be collected and stored for any other water needs (drinking, washing, cooking, etc.).  However, the availability of water in and of itself does not make using it easy.  Cities would still have to create systems of collecting the rain water, and storing and distributing it.

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    Having a decent supply of rainwater is definitely a plus, but a city does need to be able to manage it well.  Communities throughout the Pacific Northwest are installing rain gardens (a form of landscaping) to collect water from streets, roofs, and even lawns into temporary pond like structures.  If you live in a city with high precipitation that doesn’t manage its rain the excess water can lead to erosion and toxin spread from the water diluting and carrying pollutants like pesticides.  

          I personally for reasons of sustainability would rather live in an area that gets a lot of rain, because sadly freshwater is a shrinking natural resource in our world.  1.2 billion people lack safe clean water in the world.  

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    I don’t think this doesn’t necessarily makes the city more sustainable. In fact, cities with high precipitation levels needs to better manage their stormwater and wastewater to prevent environmental issues from arising. Cities should make sure that storm drains and sewer systems can handle the high volume to prevent damaging floods. They should develop mechanisms to capture the water for irrigation, commercial and municipal use. They need to minimize runoff pollution at the source and sink by improving pesticides usage, waste removal, and increasing public education and awareness. No one can control how much it rains, but one can always better maximize their water resources. 

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