Is it easy being green?



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    It is, though it is not always convenient. It is convenience, in fact, that hurts being green. However, discussing the environment with friends and family, and continually learning about environmentalism is where it’s at in becoming green. Program yourself for the environment, and for life!

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    It think it is easy once you program your mind to being concerned with the environment. It is not always convenient, but setting out some time during your day to help a greater cause is a “obligation” that positively grows the more you do it.

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    Thats not what Kermit says….

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    I think that this question can be answered either way.  It is not easy being green in the sense that it requires effort.  Often it is not thoughtlessly done, unless it becomes habit. It is often much easier not to be eco-friendly, so in that way, yes it is hard to be green.  With that being said, there are a ton of easy things that can be done that are considered green.  Recycling for example, is really simple to do, and can have a big impact.

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