Is it easier to install wind power on my house or solar power?



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    Solar costs about 10 – 12 dollars per watt, which means that if you need 1 kW of energy to power your home (a low estimate) you would need to spend about 10 grand! (This seems to me like it’s on the high end, but with the cost of installation and all the equipment you need besides just the panels themselves, maybe this is how much it costs still… one website it costs between 20 and 50k if you want to generate enough energy to power a home [they said you need about 3-4 kW, but this varies depending on how much energy you consume] and I think the prices are about to come down significantly).

    Remember—as for your house and which to use—it will work more efficiently if the panels are at an appropriate angle and your roof faces south (you want as much direct sunlight to hit the panels as possible). So if you live in the shade or you house runs north to south and the two sides of your roof face east and west you might be in trouble. Consult a green solutions company for an estimate.

    One website has this to offer:
    Small scale wind energy is an extremely viable option for year-round homes where there is a nominal level of wind – generally, this means annual average wind speeds of at least 12 miles per hour. The reason that wind will make the most sense in such abodes is because the annual availability of solar radiation complements that of wind; in the summer, there is much sun and little wind, while in the winter wind picks up and sun drops off.

    Apparently you can build your own wind power generator for less than 200 bucks, so if money is a concern than this would be your better option. (but I have seen some really high-end wind turbines that cost up to 8K! I think there are ways to do either fairly inexpensively).

    The set up and installation will probably be easier with a wind turbine (you don’t have to climb on the roof) but there are many factors at play—do you get an average wind speeds greater than 12 mph!? Is your roof south facing — or do you have space to build an array right on the ground that wouldn’t be in the shade.

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